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Cisco DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901) 200-Hour Learning and Study Plan

In this video, I cover the following topics about the DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901 V1.0) Exam topics, bodies of knowledge and a detailed 200 hours learning and study plan. The learning and study plan covers the entire official DevNet Associate curriculum and exam topics along with free public resources that you can follow to prepare […]

Cisco DevNet Certifications: Everything You Need to Know (with Lab Example)

Today, I wanna go over the new Cisco DevNet certification program, Associate and Professional tracks, and what it takes to prepare for them. I will also walk you through a small coding lab at the end of this article where we will parse XML using Python. Cisco DevNet Associate Exam Cert Paperback Study Guide is […]

Cisco Career Certifications 2020: The DevNet Certification Track

On June 10 2019 at Cisco Live 2019 San Diego, Cisco rolled out one of the most dramatic changes to Cisco Career Certifications portfolio since the inception of the program going all the way back to 1993. Cisco flipped upside down, just about everything, that you know today about CCNA, CCNP and CCIE written and […]