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Network Automation with Python Libraries Netmiko, Napalm, and Nornir

The network automation market size is projected to grow from $3 billion in 2020 to about $9 billion over the next five years, so that’s about 25% compounded annual growth over that period. North America has the highest market share in the network automation market due to the early adoption of technology and the presence […]

Career in Network Automation: Automation Jobs, Salaries and Requirements

Network automation is the biggest trend in networking today and picking up even more steam as networking infrastructure becomes virtualized, software-defined, and cloud-based. If there was ever another driver needed for network automation to kick in high gear, employees working remotely due to coronavirus is it. As per Gartner, by 2023, 60% of data center […]

Career in Network Automation: 100% Open-Source Cisco NetDevOps CICD Pipeline Walkthrough and Demo

In the last several articles, I made a case that as a network engineer, when you look back at 2020 say in three years, you will realize that it was the year that kicked the network automation into high gear. It is super critical to note that network automation isn’t about using network programmability or […]

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