100% Open Source Cisco CICD NetDevOps Pipeline for Network Automation

This NetDevOps CICD pipeline is based on 100% open-source software stack with the exception of the firmware/IOS images that you want to use to build your virtual network. The software is VM and VBox file so you can get started with VirtualBox VMM.

You will receive download details within 24 hours after your payment is received. Using the instructions, you will be able to securely download the VM and details about the software stack contained within the VM.

  • Download latest VirtualBox version, open and start the VM
  • Enter your login credentials (provided by us)
  • Follow the Demo video or customize as explained in the video to use it for other purposes

Muhammad Afaq Khan started his professional career at Cisco TAC San Jose and passed his first CCIE in 2002 (#9070). He held multiple technical and management positions at Cisco San Jose HQ over his 11 years tenure at the company before moving into cloud software and data center infrastructure IT industries.

He has worked at startups as well as Fortune 100 companies in senior leadership positions over his career. He is also a published author (Cisco Press, 2009) and holds multiple patents in the areas of networking, security, and virtualization. Currently, he is a founder at Full Stack Networker and a vocal advocate for network automation technologies and NetDevOps. He is a Cisco Certified DevNet Associate and was among the first 500 people #DevNet500 worldwide to pass the exam.

Muhammad Afaq Khan Acclaim

  • VM VirtualBox Image: 12 GB
  • Publisher: Full Stack Networker
  • Last Updated: December 16 2020
  • Language:¬†English