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Compare Data Formats (XML, JSON, YAML)

Describe parsing of common data format (XML, JSON, YAML) to Python data structures

Construct a REST API request to accomplish a task given API documentation


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I enjoyed this course and recommend it!

I enjoyed this course because of the following:
*Easy to use with cloud-hosted IDE.
*The code snippets with GitHub Gists.
*The topics are organized exactly according to the Cisco’s official
blueprint layout, depth of material etc..

I am sharing this list, because, I believe these are material to both learning (lessons and hands-on) and passing the exam to get certified.


Great Book

Great book, helped me to pass! It covers all the points as required here: developer dot cisco dot com /certification/exam-topic-associate/.

Michael Calzada
Gabriel Matandiko
This is a great book. The DevNet Associate Guide book will teach you everything you need to know to successfully pass the exam and use the acquired knowledge in the industry. I definitely recommend it
Gabriel Matandiko
February 13, 2021.
I use the devasc study guide which i like because it is organized and based on the exam topics/blueprint. Is had a lot of indepth examples to make it more practical. It is hard for me to determine the level of study that is required for the exam and my opinion is that thuis guide is in the sweet spot. In the past i also used other study guide for recerticication, so the guide can be used on long term as a summary.
December 2, 2020.
Mea Ali
I recommend the DEVCOR and other products to anyone who wants to pass the exam. Really it's an amazing product.
Mea Ali
November 1, 2020.
Leon Müller
perfect sheet to know what to learn. It's the most detailled option to get your material together.
Leon Müller
September 7, 2020.
Erik Peterson
Document is full of useful links organized by exam topic.
Erik Peterson
August 7, 2020.
Maikel van der Roest
Excellent book that helps you study. It gives you a good idea what to expect from the exam and sparks your need to learn a lot more.
Maikel van der Roest
July 31, 2020.

Cisco DevNet Associate 200-901 Sample Quiz

Practice Exam Update Calendar

Exam NameExam Number (Version)Total QuestionsLast Updated
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC exam)200-901 (v1.0)252November 15, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (DEVCOR Exam)350-901 (v1.0)99November 15, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (ENAUTO Exam)300-435 (v1.0)42November 16, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (DEVOPS Exam)300-910 (v1.0)30July 26, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (SPAUTO Exam)300-535 (v1.0)28July 25, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (DCAUTO Exam)300-735 (v1.0)34July 24, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (SAUTO Exam)300-635 (v1.0)39July 24, 2020
Cisco DevNet Professional (CLAUTO Exam)300-835 (v1.0)40July 27, 2020

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